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12 Steps Towards 2012

Changes are already upon us. Now is the time to make use of all the tools we have learned in the last few years. During these next 2 months is the time to choose our new purpose in the world. It can be a physical, social or emotional purpose. Perhaps the most important purpose to define is the one that we are going to offer to our spiritual Self, which claims its space to manifest itself within our human life.

Our spiritual Self knows the purpose it came to fulfill on Earth; our human self tends to get lost in confusion, with time accelerating before its eyes, conflicting life experiences, breaks, and loss of security. It is simple. If we relax and take time for our internal selves, without exterior clocks or responsibilities to be fulfilled, and if we allow our internal self to lead the way, the new opportunities encoded in the memory of our Self will arise. If we become aware of our infinite Self, it will be clear that none of us were born by accident or by mistake.

At this point, nobody doubts that we are approaching a breakthrough moment in our history as a species. Not even the skeptics can deny that something is happening at a planetary level; something that goes beyond social and ecological problems or the transformation of the scientific paradigm.

For those of us who live this reality as an energetic experience of expansion and connection, the times have been accelerating. Sudden spurts of growth, broken connections, disappearance of illnesses without treatment, heightened perceptions and unlimited synchronicities.

It feels as if we were living at a monumental amusement park where suddenly, all of the special effects have been activated, while we sample every single attraction at the same time.

Sometimes it is fun, sometimes overwhelming, but we carry on, finding a purpose from every single experience, savoring every moment as if it were the last. Some have found their own compass to stay on course. Others are just now realizing that they actually need a compass before this reality falls down upon their heads.

1. DAILY MEDITATION - IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CONNECT WITH ONESELF AND WITH THE DIVINE PRESENCE OF LIGHT AND LOVE ON A DAILY BASIS. Yesterday it was recommended, today it is imperative. Having a daily meditation practice is the fuel for our bodies and souls to journey through this special period of time. Keep it simple, in three phases: conscious breathing, body relaxation, welcoming the light. Keeping it simple, will make it easier to integrate it as a habit.

2. CLEAR INTENTION. We cannot continue living every day as if we were boarding a plane and asking the pilot to take us - “wherever you wish”. We now require a clear plan. Every morning, write four things in your journal: the intention for the day, the intention for the month, the intention for the year and the intention for your life. It is possible that it may change daily; either way, it will support your actions.

3. RECORD YOUR DREAMS. Our dreams are now guiding us in the direction of our evolution. They always have, but now it is necessary to pay attention to their guidance. Practice dream memory, record your dreams even if you do not understand them and also share them with others.

4. RADICAL NON ATTACHMENT. Old relationships from our past will be returning into our present consciousness. The purpose is for us to achieve closure of any lingering loose ends and to detach ourselves from that which reflected our old selves. Bid your farewells in a genuine fashion, with good bye communications which include: gratitude, forgiveness, and taking responsibility for severing ties. You will discover that in exchange, you will receive extraordinary energy.

5. SOCIAL TIES. Establish connections with individuals who share the same philosophy of life. The change will find you engaged in community. Participate in events, expositions, global meditations, forums… stay connected. Attend courses and seminars. Create your own sacred circles.

6. RITUALS WITH NATURE. Mother Earth is evolving right along with us. In fact, it is Mother Earth who initiated this movement and she is the fundamental reason why we are shifting towards a superior destiny. She is the vessel in which we travel through the cosmos. Let’s perform rituals in the most simple and universal way: leaving an offering of food and love for her and her creatures.

7. TIME IN NATURE. Spend time in the sun, on the terrace; even if it’s raining and seize every opportunity you can to make contact with nature’s energy. Walk instead of using transportation; observe signs of the wind and the clouds. Fill yourself with vitality and purity.

8. ART. Express your creativity even if you do not feel like you have artistic talents. Art is an innate quality of our species however; we have been conditioned to accept only certain forms of creativity. Paint, model, draw, sing, dance, act. Do something on your own or with others but make sure you allow your soul to express itself in its own language which is the arts.

9. BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS. Each being has a dream and this is its guiding light. Find out what makes you happy and follow its footsteps. Abandon once and for all, all of those prejudices and limiting beliefs that tell you what is possible and what is not. Once we reach the moment awaiting for us as a species, it will be of no service to us to have done things the way it was expected from us. Find your purpose and mission now.

10. KARMIC CLEANSING. Our energetic fields are filled with residues which are no longer useful for our growth. In previous times, it may have taken us years to understand and transmute these remaining karmic experiences. Today, the acceleration and the changes to our DNA are creating an increase in our consciousness. Cleanse any remaining residues with karmic work, sound healing, energetic work or whatever is available to you.

11. REST. As all of this new energy is unfolding, it may cause a feeling of physical or emotional exhaustion as matter carries with it a denser energy. Attempt to adjust your dynamic to that of the higher consciousness. Protect yourself by getting enough rest. If you can, take a nap whenever possible no matter what time of day. If you are unable to do so, take some relaxing time for yourself by creating a moment of revitalizing silence instead of committing yourself to a social outing.

12. SUPERIOR ASSISTANCE. We currently have the fortunate presence to have spiritual beings with distinct colors and frequencies with us. They all have a grand project: to witness the magnificent moment in which a specific species will journey from one dimension to another (yes! it is us!). Up to a certain point, they can help us with loving connections, encouragement and inspiration.

And remember… Practice, practice and practice!



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