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February 11, 2006

Mexican Police, Airport Personnel, Military and Marines


Just after Hurricane Wilma hit, a Special Disaster Unit of PFP members were sent by order of Mexicoís President Vicente Fox to help stabilize Cancun.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome many of them with Diksha in a large group as they were new arrivals to the Military Base. They left the following day for a Stadium which would be their main base of operations until each were assigned to smaller groups receiving their orders to serve and protect Commercial Centers that had suffered extensive damage missing doors, roofs, and entire walls such as; Walmart, Sams, Chedraui Supermarkets, Entire Shopping Malls, and The Government Municipal Palace.

I found myself holding Diksha Group Sessions at the Stadium first, giving many exhausted PFP members The Grace as they were seated on the concrete grades which then converted into their sleeping space, and other groups received Diksha in their transport vehicles upon arrival after spending 24 hours traveling from D.F. Mexico City straight thru by bus or sharing the driving of their own personal PFP Police Vehicles.

I then visited them as smaller groups at assigned locations they were each designated and moved on to later. They lived 24 hours at their new locations and were quite exhausted as they never really rested; sleeping 3 to 4 hours maximum a night.

It was normal for them to remain in deep states for over an hour during our Diksha sessions.

I was very happy for one particular group who remained resting in a VERY deep state for more then 2.5 hours, as after the first hour I asked Bhagavan to please keep them down as it was time for the Sunday 28 minute meditation and I needed to do that uninterrupted. Bhagavan not only provided me that quiet time for those 30 minutes but none of them moved for even 1 hour MORE!! Including their Chief Commander! THAT in itself is a miracle! Remember what I have explained before? The MORE responsibility they have, the less surrender the mind allows them. Their lunch truck even came and went with ALL missing the midday meal! I feel the Grace that they received that day was much more beneficial then the food! None of them complained.

On the contrary, they were ALL extremely grateful for the transformation.

 Anandamandala Meditation

Thank GOD I always was ready with my emergency stereo and candles as the lights and electricity went out more then 50% of the time, even with them!! In the beginning it was a bit frustrating but as I got accustomed with the resistance, I just giggled and was VERY HAPPY that I came well prepared as the LIGHT OF GRACE always prevails!

Because of the Hurricane, we had BIG stock in candles

Isn't this look precious?

As Cancun was getting back on its feet and it looked as though their time there would be coming to an end shortly, I was invited by a Colonel of the PFP to accompany them on their private airplane back to D.F. Mexico City and continue with the thousands of members located there. I was told I would receive only 1 days notice as the orders came like that. Two weeks passed and still their orders kept them in Cancun with their whole operation moving back to the Military Base.

(This was very convenient for me to offer them Diksha as a large group again!)

I was VERY happy as were they!

Meanwhile a generous invitation from my beloved co-worker Freddy Nielsen came; to do fundraisers in California supporting my continued work in Mexico so I bid them farewell on Dec.5th and told them I would see them in 2006 in D.F. Mexico City.

Unfortunately, due to their intense work hours and lack of free time, I didnít have a chance to ask for their written experiences before I left but I did receive these...

Hector PFP Prevention Federal Police of Highways 7 Sept 2005

Text Msg sent by him to my cell phone:

Itís indescribable the effect that you have had on my soul!

Just admiring the peace emanating from your smile! Thank you!

Samuel Veracruz PFP Prevention Federal Police 1 Nov 2005

Written on a slip of paper for me to have, out of his immense gratitude:

Participating in the Diksha and Meditation: Itís an unbelievable experience!

You feel a mountain of things passing thru your body all at the same time! You travel back in time and you are shown many things and you feel too many emotions.

The body vibrates and you feel currents of energy passing throughout your whole body as you float right out of your chair!

I can assure you that it is true as Iíve just lived this very experience myself!

I also saw a series of images of women when she placed her hands on my head and I saw a bright light inside of my mind and from her hands I felt a strong sensation in my whole body beginning from my head all the way down to my feet!

Alexis is an excellent person and personally I am so grateful to her as I feel Super Wonderful Now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Colonel Ciprian of Military Battalion November 9th 2005

Text Msg sent by him to my cell phone in gratitude:

Thank you so much my lovely Alexis for harmonizing us! Itís amazing how transforming the marvelous energy that you transmitted to us really works! Because of the wonderful results; I have seen that everyone in the entire city now knows of you!! Congratulations!

Major PFP Commander (2nd in charge) December 4th 2005 21:12p.m.

Text Msg sent by him to my cell phone bidding me farewell:

Alexis, you do not know the happiness it gives me to finally see you receive something also for YOU as I know this gives you satisfaction. This is Godís way of Blessing YOU as you sure deserve it! (Re: invitation for groups fundraising $$ organized in the U.S. for my Mexico work).

As you are a great BIG person with a great BIG heart and we sure appreciate all that you have given to us! Know that and we hope to see you SOON in 2006! We will miss you and please take care of yourself. God Be With You Always!

Immigration Police, Airport Customs, Airport Federal Police

All within a matter of one week, I managed to give Intensive Diksha Courses to all the personnel of these 3 Different Government Agencies working inside the airport.

They all experience high levels of stress as they work very long hours dealing with thousands of tourists daily! All airport personnel were extremely grateful to receive deep peace and tranquility and the experience of Oneness connecting deeper with their colleagues.

I instintively felt that if all of this airport personnel received Bhagavan's Grace; they would then transfer their higher states of consciousness to ALL they came into contact with, which is thousands of foreign tourists DAILY!!! (When Hurricane "Wilma" hit on Oct 20th (low season), there were 30,000 tourists alone that needed to be moved to safe refuges!)

So when the tourists return home from their vacations, they feel that Cancun was the VERY BEST vacation of their lives as the beach gave them such a state of peace and tranquility like never before!! Little did they know that it was Bhagavan's Grace that transformed them!

THANKYOU AMMA & BHAGAVAN for this opportunity to share & transform so MANY!!!

With the Immigration Police, during the 2nd session, Bhagavan gave one of the woman GOD REALIZATION and upon her colleagues witnessing this; they became very curious asking many in depth questions. Upon seeing her lying in her chair with her arms spread out smiling for hours they asked, "What happened to her?" I replied, "Oh sheís REAL HAPPY! She is ONE with GOD!" She spoke with me telling that she was aware of absolutely everything as GOD showed her that ALL IS ONE and there was only gratefulness emanating from her! She told that she knows that all her co-workers are staring at her & wondering what she is doing and SHE DOESNíT CARE AT ALL!!

It was a very special day for all as they learned all about Amma & Bhagavan and also purchased CDís of the Moola Mantra Music and Chakra Dhyana Meditation to continue deepening their states. They were very grateful.

Note: Since Mexico tends to be predominantly Catholic and Jesus is their savior, I honor that by only using the term GOD / DIVINE PRESENCE in the groups and do not need to mention especially about Amma & Bhagavan as they say it is not necessary to speak of them as ALL IS ONE.

Her colleague didn't even flinch as she collasped on her back!

 She is One with GOD

The next day I returned to see the remaining group with Diksha as they work different shifts.

She was also there so I took that opportunity to heal her right thumb injury & within 10 seconds of only holding her thumb she went right back into a peak experience with GOD!

Most photos of their group were taken by an illegal Cuban immigrant gal who was caught without papers and was being detained by them and was nice enough to do me that favor! Imagine!

Anandamandala Meditation

I would like to share that just now, Feb 10th I arrived back to Cancun from the U.S. and GC India and as I was passing thru Immigration I saw her there and she embraced me not wishing to let go! Thru tears she explained how her life has COMPLETELY changed & there is ONLY gratefulness! She asked that I please return to her office and also give that same God Realization State to ALL of her colleagues. I explained to her that her heart is purer then theirs and that they would also receive it, but it would just take a bit more time for them. And of course I would gladly return to give them more Diksha to help accelerate that process for each one!


Airport Customs

The Airport Customs group was a lovely intimate group where ALL had profound experiences!

One man in particular left his body completely and found it difficult to remain in his chair!

The dark skinned indigenous official beside him had a dream the night before that he was holding hands with a group of people doing some sort of process. So when he arrived to the Diksha group late & joined in the circle, he knew that this was what he had seen in his vision and that it was right for him to be there!

I will ask for their written experiences so that I may share them with you.

Airport Federal Police

The Airport Federal Police are the ones that find the drugs that people smuggle into the country by planes or in their luggage. After doing the Meditation all of them stayed in that lovely state exhibited in the photos for over 70 minutes! No one moved at all and many colleagues entered and exited the office wondering what was happening....

Official Parade of the Uniformed Men and Women of the city of Cancun

Just after The Mexican Independence Day Celebration is a lovely Official Parade Ceremony the following morning with all the various government agency uniformed members proudly marching in honor of their city and country.

Residing at the Head Table for this special event were the Mayor of Cancun, Various Military Generals, Infantry Colonels, The Admiral of the Marines and many High Ranking Government Officials.

Again I was invited to sit just behind them on their podium and had a wonderful view of the entire procession from there.


It lasted 3 hours and it was so much fun to watch all of the Firemen, Red Cross, Policemen, Military etc. enjoying themselves immensely as they marched in perfect form with their many special vehicles with their lights flashing and sirens blaring all parading for the Top Officials of the City! They had all received Diksha and you could feel the harmony and flow evident in the parade.

It was a difficult decision for me to decide how exactly I would view this Parade as I received MANY invitations (as you may imagine) from each various department as they ALL had received Diksha with me.

The Fire Chief invited me to ride in the parade with them on top of the Huge Fire truck behind his men marching in a well orchestrated choreographed manner manipulating their shovels.

They also had a huge flatbed trailer with a crushed car on the back demonstrating how they cut the roof away to rescue passengers in trauma from such an accident.

(I was VERY impressed with their efficiency!)

I very much wanted to be with them sharing in their joy of all their days of intense practice awaiting the big Parade day.

The Red Cross invited me to ride in their Ambulances driving behind all of the Red Cross Nurses, Doctors and entire staff marching proudly in uniform.

I also liked the idea of sharing Diksha by Intention with all of the public lined along the streets as we passed.

But I soon realized that in that way, I would not be able to actually SEE ALL of the various government agencies involved and participating in the parade.

It turned out to be a VERY HOT DAY and my last minute decision to accept the Military Generalís invitation to sit in a comfortable chair just behind him and the Mayor in the special shaded Officials Podium was the best decision.

And I was able to better share Diksha by Intention with all involved in the Parade as I asked Bhagavan to please give Diksha to the thousands who participated as they passed in front of the Officials Podium one by one. What an unforgettable honor to be a part of!  

Perfect example of their work (SMN youth) in this first photo blocking the crowd from having access to the Special VIP Podium where the Mayor, Military Generals etc... are seated watching the Parade .


When it was all over, I was invited back to the Military Base to watch on television the Official Military Parade happening in Mexico City D.F. with President Vicente Fox. It was quite impressive watching from TV cameras placed high above over 17,000 Military Men all marching in unison in a well orchestrated manner (you can imagine the discipline and practice that took!) They appeared almost as ants graciously flowing into well choreographed formations. I told The General that I would love to give them all Diksha in advance so that they may receive their natural state of harmony back and that whole procession could be done easily and effortlessly! And then I could witness that Grace as I stand beside Vicente Fox the following year 2006 on that Presidential Balcony also giving Diksha by Intention to all of the 17,000 military members performing the beautiful coordinated ceremony below!



After participating in Alexisís 6 day Military Intensive Diksha Course and then attending their yearly special military training together, Bhagavan made Military History as it was the VERY FIRST time that an entire battalion stayed together 1 entire month w/o any upsets, disputes, injuries or physical problems of ANY KIND!

Can you imagine?

700 young men together living, working & training together under extreme physical & emotional conditions in the jungle and NOT ONE problem manifested itself?

An absolute miracle in my opinion, but in the Militaryís eyes; unheard of!

And when the Professional Military Photographer accompanying them received small white balls in most ALL of the training photos, he became worried that his camera was seriously malfunctioning! He visited the General to inform him of this problem and I just happened to be in his office at that moment and what a GIFT for ALL 3 of us to CLEARLY SEE Bhagavanís Grace evident with the men in the jungle together! Their shooting training photos were FULL of Golden BALLS!

***Just 1 week before, The General and I were looking at many photos I had taken during the Hurricane and they also were FULL of Golden Balls! And we both decided that it was possible that since I took the photos myself, the energy coming thru me could have placed the Golden Balls in the photos! So I then asked Bhagavan to PLEASE send me OTHER MEN with THEIR OWN PERSONAL CAMERAS and PHOTOS taken also FULL of Golden Balls so that we would have proof of His GRACE in Cancun during the Hurricane when I was not known by them or even nearby!

Over the following week Bhagavan sent me 4 different men with 4 different cameras!

2 Different Colonels from Different visiting Battalions and 2 Professional Military Photographers also from 2 Different Battalions!  

Colonel in Charge of Heavy Machinery's Photo

Congratulation Ceremony for the General & Military

5 weeks later I attended a special ceremony with the Mayor and all of the VIPís of the City of Cancun recognizing The General for his unbelievable effort and success in protecting the over 1 million people of the city and helping all to recuperate at an impressive speed!

The General received ALL the credit for the Official "Zero" number of deaths resulting from "Hurricane Wilma" which was a Destructive Grade 5 Hurricane! Both he and his Captain (who was my helper beside me in ALL of the Military Diksha groups) knew that Bhagavan deserved ALL the credit!                     They are ALL very grateful.

Receiving his well deserved award from the Mayor

A Congratulatory Hug & Pat on the Back from the Mayor


I also gave Intention Diksha to the hundreds present at that ceremony and the Golden Balls again appeared in the Military Professional Photographerís photos!  


I was extremely honored to be presented with my very own Official Mexican Military Dog tag by a General working for a Division General who had received a private session.


On the very last day that the visiting Generals, Colonels and Officials

were all at the Military Base together.

The Military Officials begged me to please give their Superior, a Division General ANOTHER DIKSHA

so that he would be nice to them again!!

Fortunately he agreed (after much persuading) and during this 3rd Diksha session with this General, knowing that it would most likely be my very LAST opportunity to get my hands on this particular Generalís head, I asked Bhagavan to please give him the most transformative experience of his life as it most likely will be his LAST Diksha!

I stayed with him over 90 minutes!

Iím happy to report that the 3 Star Generalís experience during his Private Diksha Session included Bhagavan showing him a beautiful past life experience in the Philippine Islands and also a clear vision of me surrounded by many people dressed in long, colorful flowing dresses (red and yellow) beautifully draped and open in the front is what he described.

He being very surprised, asked me, "Alexis, who are those people?"

I responded with, "Oh they are my lovely co-workers!"

He was so pleasantly amused by the whole experience that he then shared those detailed stories with ALL of the Officials under his command at the Celebration Lunch!

It was quite special for me to witness the whole interaction that unfolded itself at that special meeting as his Officials ALL live in GREAT FEAR of him!

I could understand why, as he suffers a tremendous amount of stress and is the type of man who NEVER ever shares any part of himself! He also suffers a lot of problems physically, because of that.


I had much difficulty with getting permission to give Diksha Courses from the Superiors for the Marines. I will say that I received a lot of resistance.

I prayed to Bhagavan and called Pragyanand Dasaji in GC for help with his response being, "Everything will happen in time Alexis.."

My problem was that I wished for the 'time' to be NOW!!!!

And surprisingly..... Just the following week a NEW Superior Officer arrived to replace the old one! And coincidentally (another miracle?) he just happened to also be a GOOD friend of the Military General!! And all had to happen FAST before I left Mexico for the California Groups (in just 4 days!!)

With The Generalís loving help, it happened!! Fortunately the NEW Superior cares about the welfare of his Men and Women Marines.

It was so nice for me to see MANY WOMEN in this branch of the Military Service!

And after only 1 Diksha, I am happy to report that The Admiral of the Marines is completely cured of his Gastritis and Back Pain that he suffered with for many years!

And The Marine Co-Admiral is cured of HIS Back Pain as well!

Thank you Bhagavan!!

Co-Admiral of the Marines 5 Dec 2005 10:15a.m.

The Co-Admiral was unable to participate in the session that I held for his Marines (he arrived late to the session and didnít want to interrupt us).

So he made sure that he didnít miss the opportunity of sitting quietly in his office during the 28 min Sunday Meditation and after, he sent me this text message on my cell phone:

"I am so grateful to you Alexis for your valuable time and intense dedication as I now feel wonderful after sitting for the 28 min Meditation on Sunday and my back pain has now completely disappeared! Thank you so very much!"

* * *

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