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February 13, 2006


As I was driving a rental car from SanFrancisco to L.A. enjoying the lovely coastal drive of Hwy 1, Bhagavan touched MANY hearts.  This is one of them that I wanted to share with you...

There is only gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan


I'm the grey haired cop from Morro Bay, California. I'm still basking in the glow of our brief encounter. It was no accident we shared that sunset and those wonderful moments together.

I certainly came away from it a better person and I hope you did also.

Isn't that what it's all about?

 Did you enjoy your little stay in Cayucos or did you move on down the highway?

I will always remember us coming together and touching and then the moment you turned left on the highway and I turned right. Very symbolic...

Thank you for the moment.
Richard Hannnibal

Beloved Richard,

Yes I truly enjoyed sharing that moment watching the sunset with you!

Grace planned that for us to share that together and that is what I live for.  

Those moments...

I really enjoy watching the adventure unfold itself in front of my eyes trusting that existence knows exactly what is meant to happen in every moment as we control nothing!!

I'm so happy that you are taking care of yourself by moving your career out of the craziness of L.A. and into the tranquility of a smaller town up the coast. It shows, as you take those special moments for yourself like pulling over to the side and getting out of your squad car to enjoy the sunset. You are a special soul Richard and I feel truly blessed to have shared that sunset and Diksha with you that afternoon. By the way, how are your neck and cold symptoms?

And yes I did stay in a beachside hotel in Cayucos, thankyou for that suggestion, it was lovely!

I will return to CA in April and will possibly drive up the coast this time, if you feel to organize your colleagues in the Police Department I will be happy to share Diksha with them also.

As I know from experience, those who receive Diksha are protected by the Grace and I would also love to provide all of your colleagues with that opportunity. It was enlightening for me to speak with you about WHY in the U.S. the Police are not so open & trusting. You really made me aware of the fact that with MOST ALL Americans owning their own guns, OF COURSE you have to be always 'on guard' as your lives are in danger just by wearing that badge ! You cannot live in an open, trusting state when you are working in uniform!

Hopefully that will soon change as the Grace will transform the State of Humanity to one of Peace and Oneness, and I will certainly do all that I can to make that happen BEFORE 2012 by touching as many heads as I can wherever I go!!

It's my pleasure & honor to know you Richard. Take care of yourself.

I hope it is O.K. that I post this on our website....

Lots of Light and Love to you ***Alexis


Thanks for taking the time in your obvious busy schedule to get back to me. Once again, I will always remember those brief moments we shared. I've tried to share them with others, but they most simply could not understand. I don't judge them for it and just let them go in peace. There are one or two folks I've shared our experience with and they understood, which caused me to know, we are not alone. I have no problem appearing on your website, in fact I'm honored. I've given a lot of thought to your offer to share Diksha with my colleagues. I regret that after thinking about our small department and its 24 officers, I can't think of one that would be receptive. And, it is not just Morro Bay. I find, after a 27 year career in law enforcement that few officers are open to anything they cannot perceive with their five senses. For the most part, American police officers are very narrow minded, conservative, judgmental folks. Many are almost like robots and these make absolutely the worst police officers. In addition, there are few open to eastern thought or any thought outside traditional western religion. I know, you are no threat to traditional religion, but they would not think so, being as rigid as they are. I am saddened by what I see in the world today. Fundamentalist of every shape and size and those who have sadly closed themselves down to continued spiritual growth. I learned a long time ago not to put my self in any type of philosophical box. I found this attitude leads me to wonderful new experiences, such as ours on that bluff over looking the ocean. So, what I'm saying is your beautiful presence would be resisted by most American officers. All I can hope is that my presence, within the ranks, will have a subtle effect on the masses and open them up to what is 'beyond'. I'm still working on this mystery myself, the same as you, but I welcome myself being used as a budding tool. Thank you for helping me along the way. 

Richard Hannibal

Dear Richard,

I am grateful that at least you have received Diksha, the beautiful open soul that you are. We both know that it wasn't a casual coincidence. Of course neither one of us really had anything to do with it. Grace plans our destiny. Thankyou Richard for being that 'budding tool'.The world needs more like you.

There is only gratefulness and love to share with you. Alexis

Dear Alexis,

I want to share with you the email I shared with others whom I knew would understand... And, yes, every Sunday at 11 a.m. I will think of you and get strength from the moment. Richard

I was on patrol and it was nearing the end of my shift. It was one of those rare, wonderful, warm, calm evenings and the sun was just setting. I drove to a spot overlooking the ocean, which was at the entrance to the State Park campgrounds at the north end of town. I got out of my car and stood on an embankment above the beach and watched the sun move towards the horizon. At the same time I was watching the people on the beach...Lovers walking hand in hand...Playful dogs running after balls and frisbees...Photographers capturing the moment...Surfers in the water enjoying the last rays of light and the evening’s waves. I was really at peace, though listening for my call sign coming over the radio microphone attached to my collar. I just stood there reflecting on my life and the few, but glorious friends like you.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an idling engine pulling up along side me. I tried to ignore it, because I did not want to break the spell. I heard a female voice call out, "Excuse me." I turned and there was a lone woman seated in a car. The first thing I noticed were the large bouquet of flowers on the seat next to her. The next thing I noticed was this obvious peace and radiance about her. I was immediately drawn to her.

I walked over to her car and she told me she was traveling down the coast and asked if I knew how long it would take for her to get to Los Angeles. Our conversation evolved and I learned she was giving a talk in Pasadena the next day. I encouraged her to stay at one of the Cayucos motels on the beach. She thanked me and drove a short distance away and stopped her car and watched the sunset. I returned to my bluff just as the sun vanished, leaving an orange glow in the sky.

I got back into my car and was slowly pulling away when the woman pulled up along side of me and we engaged in another brief conversation as to the best motel to stay in the area. She then got out of her car, saying, "I’ve got something to show you" and came over to my car carrying a large notebook. I noticed that she was very attractive and wearing some type of flowing dress and shawl similar to those seen in India. She went on to tell me that she is involved in healing through spiritual energy. She showed me the notebook and it was filled with photographs of her and high government officials in Mexico. One photo showed her with Mexican President Vicente Fox. Another photo showed her on stage with her hands outstretched to an audience of about 2000 people. She told me her name was Alexis and she spends time in the United States giving seminars and healing for donations so she can do the same thing in Mexico for free. She said she specializes in her blessing of healing by giving attention to the police and military in Mexico. And, her photographs backed up her statement. They showed her standing with Generals, Mayors and other dignitaries.

Alexis then told me that she perceived that I have cold symptoms and pain in my shoulders and neck. My neck pain is chronic and I’ve experienced it for years. Alexis asked me if I would like, what she called Diksha, or spiritual healing. I was hesitant for a minute as my attention was divided between her and my radio. Eventually I consented and spent the most wonderful 15 minutes I have spent in a long time. I remained seated in my patrol car and Alexis leaned in through the window and gently touched my head, neck and shoulders. For fifteen minutes I was relaxed, my eyes were closed and I was in complete bliss. It was wonderful! I didn’t know who this woman was, but I had complete trust in her and felt safe around her. After about 15 minutes she gently withdrew from me and I thanked her. I again suggested her staying at a beach motel in Cayucos and she said she was going to do this. She said that I could contact her through a website called, I thanked her and we both drove away.

I pulled up along side of her at a red signal at Highway One. Though it was getting dark, I saw a visible light about her as we sat side by side. She had this beautiful smile on her face as we made eye contact. I gave her my ‘little boy’ wave and she smiled and waved back. She turned left into the night and I turned right.

I wanted to share my experience with the folks at the police department, but they looked at me odd, or laughed, or simply walked away. I got home and had a very sound sleep.  The next morning my cold symptoms had all but disappeared.  I still had a twinge of pain in my neck, but not nearly as intense as I usually have.  I awoke and immediately went to my computer and her website.  The website is that of an Eastern Philosophy, which I am still exploring.  I sent Alexis an email and she sent one back from Cancun, Mexico.

Now you know me and what I think about organized religion and people professing to be gurus and spiritual leaders. I have my doubts about them and I feel I no longer need any organized human thought or institution to ‘show me the way.’ But, I must tell you, this was really a special experience, which I will ponder for some time and get whatever meaning I can from it.

Richard Hannibal

Richard Hannibal


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