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February 3, 2006

February 3, 2006

Just before Hurricane "Wilma" struck Cancun.....

For five full days from 10am until 10pm I offered Diksha and Healing to more then 10,000 Cancun taxi drivers and their families.

I gave private sessions and held group meditation sessions in their Auditorium located at their Taxi Syndicate Headquarters.

I began with giving Diksha to the Chief Official of the Syndicate of Taxistas and noticing an incredible transformation in his health in that very moment from the energy, he decided to immediately take me home to his family to also share it with them.

He was suffering from a sore throat as flu symptoms were just presenting themselves.

He explained that he had exited the ocean after swimming & encountered a chill.

He believed that to be the cause. I showed him one of my most important tools that I use; a book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Body. We looked up his symptoms & the “real probable cause” and he was quite amazed as that was exactly what was occurring for him at that time. So with that new consciousness on his part that HE was actually creating those symptoms in his physical body due to blocked energy and with intentions on BOTH our parts to stop this sickness from taking hold in his body, we proceeded to heal his body with Diksha.

He immediately took me home to also help his family and his wife, after receiving Diksha they felt a new desire to live life to the fullest, smiling so effortlessly and feeling gratefulness like never before!

Dropping me at my hotel late evening after Diksha with his family, I gave him one last powerful Diksha to cure his flu (he was also suffering heavy congestion by that time) Full of gratitude, he thanked me very generously with 1100 pesos (by Mexican standards) Almost $100U.S.for 6 hours of sessions.

I`m happy to report that the following morning, he awakened completely healthy!

I am so happy for him as he truly is a beautiful caring soul who is committed to caring for the highest good of his 10,000 taxi drivers & 5000 taxi owners under his supervision.

With full support and blessings of this top official we created a beautiful sacred space inside the Syndicate Auditorium with an altar holding a statue of The Virgin Mary, a photo of Jesus & Bhagavan & Amma with 3 large beautiful flower bouquets surrounding them. I wished to create a churchlike atmosphere and I played the Moola Mantra over the surround sound music system for 12 hours daily which could also be heard outside into the parking lot attracting many people to come in.

I needed to do live radio interviews on both main radio stations in Cancun as we needed to inform most of the 15,000 taxi drivers & owners as soon as possible as we only had 2 days before I was to begin. We decided this was the best manner as they are a very independant bunch reporting in to the sindicate only once a month.

I gave Diksha to the Radio Station Officials in exchange for airtime. They were very grateful and gave me lots of special attention and prime radio time slots to help.

I also was interviewed by the largest Cancun newspaper, Novedades and after all the Highest Officials of the Newspaper received Diksha they were also anxious to support me in giving as many people as possible this energy in Cancun.

I noticed that they live a very high level of stress always under deadlines to find and write GOOD stories to publish in their newspaper each day!

Many suffer from headaches and gastritis, ulcers and colitis.

Not only did they write a loving supportive article explaining what exactly is this Diksha Energy, they also explained who I was & how ALL I cared about was helping people to receive inner peace, tranquillity and healing of their bodies and souls.

They printed it the day before I began working with the taxi drivers.

They also sent a Top Reporter to the Taxi Auditorium that first day to interview & photograph the very first Taxi Driver who received Diksha.

They then wrote ANOTHER lovely article detailing exactly how I begin by listening to the person & their problems. Then placing my hands gently on the person`s head and then on the affected area of pain, explaining finally how the person lies down for a period of time resting. Later sitting up as if they are coming out of a trance they exibit a completely different look on their face; one of relaxation, completely free of stress & worries.

Then they interviewed the very first taxi driver explaining in detail how the man actually felt the pain in his back leaving as I pulled my hand away from the affected area. This taxi driver also personally gave credit to the Head Official of the Syndicate explaining that since I am there offering this healing for 5 days, he trusts that it MUST be beneficial for them as this Official only supports things helpful to them..

They also printed photos of this man receiving Diksha with the article.

(see Newspaper article)

I appreciate this newspaper so much as they have fully supported me in sharing Bhagavan`s Grace 100% with love.

I’ve heard rumours about “the press” and how they are NOT always so positive in their reports…

I am happy to report that I‘ve received ONLY loving caring attention with glowing feedback & loving support from all the television studios and newspaper reporters that I have been blessed to meet & work with so far in Mexico. Of course I have given them all Diksha as well and I feel that Bhagavan is creating that loving atmosphere for all.

While at this newspaper headquarters a Top Official asked me if I could help her very ill Diabetic Aunt with non-functional kidneys located in another city far from Cancun and of course I gladly offered to give her a Phone Healing Diksha. I asked for a photo of her and we called her long distance to give her a phone healing diksha in that moment.

I also placed her photo on the beautiful sacred altar in the Taxi Sindicate Auditorium.

I`m happy to report that 2 days later the women's twin sister visited me at the Auditorium to thank me personally as the Diabetic Aunt hadn't eaten in 5 days & after the phone call felt much better & began to eat again.

We called the ill woman again from the sister's cell phone & she told me the good news again herself. I rewarded her with another Phone Healing in that moment.

More then any mundane pleasure could possibly offer me in these times, these transformative moments that I share with fellow human beings (just doing the best we can to survive thru all of the suffering that this physical dimension seems to offer at times) …. Is truly my reward!

What could be better then assisting a depressive, ill, suffering person from one moment to the next enabling them to transform their energy thru Diksha?

And then personally receiving deep gratitude from their heart to yours with their eyes shining brightly and full of love for helping them to feel whole again.

Maybe I'm a bit too easy to please, but each person that wakes out of their suffering thru this Grace is one more happy person on the planet!

And THAT means the world to me!!

That is what true joy is!

Sharing the joy and bliss of this beautiful reality when we are able to truly SEE IT for what it is!! And not for what we PERCEIVE it to be; seeing thru the eyes of our personal movie, our own suffering that WE OURSELVES CREATE!

The most common theme of physical ailments for the Taxi Drivers are:

Back Pain, Kidney Problems, and Migraine Headaches

They really do live with quite a stressful work as the streets are their domain and it is actually a highly dangerous place as the level of consciousness of the average Mexican driver is relatively low. They spend their entire work shift defending their lives & those of the passengers that they carry.

I was able to observe this part of their work particularly in the week that I was working with them as I was designated various special chauffeurs who personally cared for me and my needs. I was quite amazed at how many times in the span of traveling by taxi just 30 minutes that accidents were avoided! I wouldn’t consider living that high level of stress as normal and imagine a full 12 hour daily shift!

I was quite surprised at the serious diseases that people came with to receive Healing and Diksha during those 5 days.

It was as if God was sending human beings that most needed healing from their deep physical suffering.

Referring to the book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Body each person was able to find clarity on what negative energy they had repressed to find themselves suffering at such drastic levels physically! I had 3 loving Mexican helpers that would consult with each person using that book before each came up to receive Diksha.

5 different women with facial paralysis came (all suffering from terror of a violently abusive relationships) and 1 young man walked in VERY slowly as he had suffered full paralysis from the waist down (after a murder threat from the husband of his female lover) and was recovering in physical therapy to walk normally again as his main problem remains that he still cannot bend his knees.

I also suggested that he practice Chakra Dhyana Meditation daily.

He really enjoyed the Diksha, feeling the energy penetrate deeply.

He explained that due to his paralysis he didn`t have good circulation in his legs & his feet were ALWAYS cold.

After receiving Diksha he commented that his feet were feeling quite warm, almost hot all day up until he returned that evening for the Anandamandala Meditation.

And he felt an electric tingling throughout his entire lower half of his body.

He was anxious to see what results would come out of the Meditation.

He commented after that he felt an electricity current running thru his legs and knew that VERY soon he would be walking normally again!

A young man with AIDS (before receiving Diksha) explained that it was his mother that brought him to me for healing. He had decided that he didn't wish to live anymore.

He was ready “to go” as he had enough of this suffering.

I was quite surprised, as by looking at him one would never know that he had any illness in his body as he seemed perfectly healthy & normal!

He expressed that the doctors also commented that he should be in a much dire state.

So I gave him a Healing Diksha and suggested that he return that evening to attend the Anandamandala Meditation if he wished to truly heal himself as that was a good opportunity to begin his transformation on a deeper level.

After he received Diksha he was quite amazed at his experience as he saw many white light flashes happening inside his head and felt as though a transformation was clearly underway!

So I am happy to report that he did return for the meditation that evening and was overflowing in gratitude as his experience with the lights intensified & he could feel the healing happening from the inside. He thanked me from his heart that I was so available for people like him as he now feels that he has found a new reason to live and wishes to transform his life completely.

I also suggested that he thank his mother for loving him & wanting healing for him & his disease more then he did to bring him to receive Diksha.

Another woman came, looking as though she hated the world and everyone in it.

The expression on her face was one of complete disgust.

She explained her diseases to me almost as if she was proud of them!

There was a LONG list..........

I asked her if she really wanted healing or wanted to add more names to her list.

She thought about it for a moment…

And commented that she didn't think of it before, but thought she wanted healing.

I told her that I needed her FULL commitment and desire to heal herself!

She gave me that 100% commitment........ finally.

After Diksha I couldn`t believe how her face completely changed!!

What a beautiful woman she was!

Here is what she wrote after……

Appreciation Letter to Alexis Shaffer:

For the last 19 years I have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Skin Cancer and Lung Fibroides.  And just 6 weeks ago, I began to lose my white blood platelets.  My body was degenerating quickly.  On Saturday October 15th I had the great fortune to meet Alexis as she gave me a Special Healing Diksha Therapy.  When she placed her hands on my head, I felt a drop of liquid falling on my right cheek and my entire body got very hot moving thru all the way to my knees!

I felt as though I had died and since my eyes were closed, I decided to open them and immediately felt as though I wanted to vomit! I asked to lie down on the floor and rested until I could move to make it to the bathroom. I did reach and vomited very strange white circles like spirals that is difficult to explain. I felt like death itself!

When I reached home later I suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to jump up and down and laugh hysterically! And I did just that feeling complete joy!!

I woke the following morning vomiting in exactly the same manner as before.

Midday I felt pain in my lung and below and after showering I felt excellent!

I felt brand new as if I was a young healthy child again!

The whole rest of the day I felt completely HEALTHY AGAIN!!

The Diksha Energy entered my body! It healed me!

Tomorrow I will travel to Mérida to my Doctor and hope to receive scientific proof of my healing! Before the healing and after, the results!

God Bless You Alexis and May the Angels Descend and Stay looking over you and protecting you!

Juana Ku Colli (Juanita), Cancún, Oct 17th 2005.

* * *

She personally has seen VERY POSITIVE MEDICAL results after receiving Diksha!

The Doctors in Mérida, Mexico cannot find any more irregularity in her blood!

Her condition is clearly healing itself!

Thank you Bhagavan & Amma for your miracles!

She is beside me just now as she is so lovingly supporting me by allowing me to use her internet in her home so I don't have to pay an internet cafe. She has also taken it upon herself to so lovingly wash and iron, caring for all of my clothes.

And she is so touched by the American people’s donations to help support me to continue this work in Mexico.

In loving service to Amma & Bhagavan's mission to enlighten the planet by 2012.

There is only gratitude to be a part of this gracious, loving effortless work.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Mexico & Central America, click here

Taxi Sindicate Auditorium

Taxi Check In Booths for Taxi Drivers Where Reports are Given

Taxi Drivers Receiving Healing and Diksha

Taxi Driver's Entire Families Attended Meditations

Taxi Families Precious Children


Photoscan of the News paper article


 With the stress and day-to-day worries, it is always necessary to find oneself. To have peace and tranquility by returning to our natural state of the human being through Divine Healing.

Therapist Alexis Shaffer is in Cancún to do just that! Provide this Divine Energy transfer, which can be done individually or in-group with the Diksha Healing. It is to be said, that the Diksha is a flow of energy that benefits the brain, the spine and the glandular system called chakras. “The process of Divine Healing, consists of the transfer of energy (internally) which lasts only 1 minute with a laying of the hands on the head, so that the person can return to that natural state of the human being in which you breath peace and tranquility” said the healer who has traveled to 65 countries. She added that the healing can cure illnesses and pain and can make you completely forget your troubles and worries. For that reason a person can experience a permanent complete life transformation ( they only need to truly desire it). Alexis came to our country in March and has already been in Palenque with a LARGE group of over 3000 people, she has worked with police forces, firemen and military personnel performing group sessions in which the energy multiplies and the sensation of peace is even stronger. She mentioned she works with anyone in any profession and one of her plans in this tourist destination is to perform such healings with the people who work in the industry. In our country, she has already been to Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Escondido and Chiapas working in this therapy, which she has dedicated herself to most all of her life in some form or another. “My reward comes when people say, I have been transformed” said Alexis.

 For with the gift she has, she has helped millions of people achieve peace and tranquility.

 The healer will be performing sessions at the Taxi Drivers Syndicate this October 14th thru the 18th, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. All Day Long!!!

Relaxation: Therapy sessions begin at the “Andrés Quintana Roo” Taxi Driver’s Union

 Taxi drivers get relaxation therapy

Somewhat shy he approaches the site, looks inside the empty auditorium; thinks for a few seconds and finally decides to walk in....

  The music playing on the speakers attracts passersby ; it sounds something like a mix of New Age, Arabic and Religious. Once inside the auditorium, he walks upfront where the first row of chairs has been placed, he sits in one, looks up at the podium and gets Alexis’s attention.

She is ready. She requests that he comes closer and they begin a private conversation. With soft movements, she lays her hands on the man’s head and stays like that for a long moment, her eyes closed. Every now and then she will let go of his head and gently shake her hands, as though she is trying to get rid of some invisible thing. Then she whispers gently in his ear and still standing, asks him to turn around  and gently touches him again, this time at his waist and back. Once more she whispers something in his ear and with a soft movement helps him lie down on the floor and rest for as long as needed.

A long while goes by and it’s no doubt that the music and the soft ambience contributes to keep him resting peacefully until he appears to later come out of a trance. The man sits up, then very slowly stands up and leaves the auditorium. You can see a deep relaxation in his face. At the exit of the auditorium of the Andres Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers Union, we ask him how he feels: “VERY GOOD, and reeeeelaxed” are the words of Ruben Carrillo.

He is the very first taxi driver to attend the healing therapy being offered by Alexis Shaffer at the Taxi Driver’s Union Headquarters. “She laid her hands on the places I told her I had pain, and the moment she touched me, I felt a kind of deep release in those areas, and after lying down , I got up feeling extremely relaxed” he explained. “I believe in God, and if the Taxi Syndicate Union is offering this to help us, I am more then happy to come and receive this therapy, I trust it will help me and that I will end up feeling much better in the end.” Ruben Carrillo says. Therapies at the Taxi Drivers’ Syndicate will continue throughout these days, and they are like a breath of fresh air for them, after its members have been very closely watched by local society for matters regarding drug abuse, sales and distribution.


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