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15 July

I gave some Dikshas today in the ruins at the temple where the Reina Roja (Pakal's Mom) lies, & the energy was amazingly high!!! Iím going to really enjoy sharing Bhagavanís Grace for some days there!

I gave Diksha to the vigilante there controlling the people moving thru that temple & it took him less then 10 seconds after receiving Diksha to suggest to the tourists arriving that they also receive this amazing energy! I gave tourists from France, Venezuela, Belgium U.S. & Mexicans.

I also gave an indigenous guide who gave me a private tour of the ruins & he will now organize the 1500 people of his indigenous pueblo to gather in the main square so that I may go there & give a group Diksha! And I arranged a meeting with the Commandante of the Military Sectorial Police! They have 80 men working.
And to think that I only planned on enjoying the ruins today myself & get my bearings on how all is set up to
prepare myself in the days ahead! I need to get official permission to give Diksha inthe ruins & will hopefully do that 2moro!

*   *   *

16 July

Today was tourists from Poland, Holland, France, Germans.... I got permission to do Diksha wherever I want! So I am giving at the Temple of the Red Queen, "La Reina Roja". The energy is amazingly high there! 2moro I will take fotos for the web! I will begin at 8am!

Love Alexis

*   *   *

17 July

These photos are good shots of the Temple where I am giving Diksha.  Temple of the Red Queen "la Reina Roja!"  (King Pakal`s Mother) And the last photo is of the Palacio ((beside me) which is taken from the temple where I am working giving Diksha You can see how large the square is!  I chose this location partly because the energy is so high in this temple... And also because EVERY tourist that visits the ruins, comes to see the tomb of the Red Queen "la Reina Roja!"  So I am offering the opportunity for Diksha to 100% of the tourists!


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Next photo below is a beautiful Mexican (Surgeon) Dr. Rebolledo. He had a VERY transforming experience from the 60 second Diksha as it healed him completely of severe pain & heaviness that he has had for a long time in his shoulders, chest, back & kidneys!  He is now completely committed to helping me in every possible way here in Mexico to gather large groups & is willing to drive me personally to each city!  He has been by my side with his daughter since I gave them both Diksha & they really want to devote their time to help me bring this phenomenon to the people of Mexico!  He has contacts with the TV & Radio in many cities as he is a well known Doctor/Surgeon here in Chiapas & since he owns his medical clinic, he is free to travel & do as he wishes!  I feel Bhagavan has provided me with a very important contact in Dr. Rebolledo!  Thank you!

The last phot, below, is a photo of the TV crew from the Mexican program La Vanguardia based in Monterrey, Mexico. I gave a private interview & Diksha to the Beautiful Mexican Actress/Presenter Cecelia (beside me) for the television program. They were in the Palenque ruins today recording a show which will air on August 6th SKY CHANNEL 112/Channel 2 in Monterrey, Mexico at Noon - 2pm After they recorded Cecelia & I for the program I gave the entire staff Diksha & they were very impressed & grateful!

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