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Today was absolutely an amazing day giving Diksha in the Palenque Ruins in Mexico!

I began at 9 a.m. giving Diksha to the custodian gal who was working the Temple of the "Red Queen". I have had the honor to work beside 3 different custodians so far at this particular temple as they change everyday to a new location.

Each has their own beautiful energy & they have helped me explain to the tourists what they can expect from the "Diksha".

And they do this of their own free will, from their heart as I have never asked them. After they receive the Diksha they feel so wonderful that they help out of gratefulness!
All day was a steady flow of tourists from many different countries but the majority was Mexicans as Sundays are free entrance for Nationals. About 350 received Diksha today.

My biggest surprise today came upon opening my eyes from giving Diksha in the Ruins & beside me was the Government Man from San Cristobal (5 hr drive away) who was responsible for giving me the Official Permission to give people Diksha sitting under The Cross in front of the Cathedral! I had just bid him farewell 5 days earlier in San Cristobal as it was time to move on & I thanked him for making it all possible for the lovely people of his city to receive Bhagavan`s transforming Grace! And he replied, "Are you kidding? THANK YOU ALEXIS for coming here to share such a beautiful gift with all of us as your presence has changed this city for the better & we ALL are so grateful that we really hate to see you leave. Isn't it possible for you to stay & live here?"

Today he was so happy to see me in the Palenque Ruins also giving Diksha that he wanted to come up & hug me. I gave his son Diksha & also took this opportunity to give him a "Super Power Diksha" as the only time he had received the energy was in his office in front of his employees before he gave me the Official Permission Slip 2 months before!

I asked Bhagavan to please give him a special experience as he was the lovely soul responsible for the people of San Cristobal receiving the Grace! And Bhagavan gave him exactly that! We shared a beautiful moment together bathing in his grace!

A Mexican Surgeon Specializing in Trauma, Dr. Rebolledo also had a VERY transforming experience today from the 60 second Diksha as it healed him completely of severe pain & heaviness that he has had for a long time in his neck, shoulders, chest, back & kidneys! Since he is a Doctor he was really impressed that such an "energy" could allieviate him of his physical suffering in less then 1 minute!
He wants to introduce me to the entire medical community!

He is so grateful that he feels completely committed to now help me in every possible way here in Mexico to gather large groups & is willing to drive me personally to each city as he has many contacts! He has been by my side with his daughter (even now at 10pm in the internet cafe) since I gave them both Diksha & they really want to devote their time to help me bring this phenomenon to the people of Mexico!He has contacts with the TV & Radio in many cities as he is a well known Doctor/Surgeon here in Chiapas & since he owns his Medical Clinic, he is free to travel & do as he wishes! I feel Bhagavan has provided me with a very important contact in Dr. Rebolledo! Thank you!

At 3pm a TV crew from the Mexican program La Vanguardia based in Monterrey, Mexico arrived to the temple where I was giving Diksha filming a special program so I took the opportunity to give a private interview & Diksha to the Beautiful Mexican Actress / Presenter Cecelia (The beautiful blonde beside me in the photo) for their television program. They were in the Palenque ruins today recording a show which will air on August 6th in the States of Chiapas & Tabasco on SKY CHANNEL 112/Channel 2 in Monterrey, Mexico at Noon - 2pm. After they recorded Cecelia & I for the program I gave the entire staff Diksha & they were all very impressed & grateful!

I couldn`t imagine a more beautiful action packed day!!! I can hardly wait & am looking forward to watching tomorrow unfold as well!

Always in awe watching Bhagavan at work & honored to be his instrument of the Divine.

Overflowing in Love and Grace


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