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Grace Flowing in Abundance in Cancun


Namaste Beloveds!!! It’s been awhile since I have written..

Please forgive me as my hands have been very busy with giving Diksha as you will soon read about. You will soon know exactly where they have been as I have provided you with my 1st months Cancun schedule as it was…

EVERYDAY seems to be a big event!!! Full of NEW ADVENTURES!!!

Living WITH BHAGAVAN & AMMA how LIFE could be ANYTHING LESS???!!!!

I'm so accustomed to having BIG GROUPS that I don't think of them as anything OUT of the ORDINARY until they get REALLY BIG!!!.............

As most of you already KNOW, Here in Mexico I'm focusing on:

All levels of the Mexican Federal, State, Immigration & Municipal Police and F.B.I., Airport Custom Officials, and ALL Airport Employees, City Mayors, Top Government Officials, All Government. Employees, the Mexican Army/Military Generals, Officials and the Mexican Navy/Navy Admirals and Officials. Mexico's Federal Commission of Electricity as well as the Tourism Hotel Industry and Transportation Industry; Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers etc...

And of course the Entire Mexican Public!!


The ones I could remember easily….that far back

19 Feb Sunday:

It was The Day of The Military here in Mexico!!!  Kind of like THE MEXICAN MILITARY'S BIRTHDAY!!!

There was an Official Breakfast at The Military Base hosted by The Military General.  SOME of those who attended were The Mayor, Various Political figures, Admiral of the Navy, Colonels, Chiefs of Police, Firemen, Red Cross etc…

And a lovely man Oscar Cadenas (who has a Popular TV Program here in Cancun who had breakfast beside me at the same table, VERY strategically placed (thank you Mr. General!) And MANY soldiers and Navy personnel of course!

I gave Smarana Diksha to ALL present

Sorry, all photos taken in Military Base are classified....

When the breakfast finished, The Mayor, Navy Admiral & Oscar were all fighting over WHO would schedule me with a private Diksha session FIRST!!!!  I told them that it was too late as The General was already FIRST!!!!  They believed that after 1 month in India, I was FULLY RECHARGED!!  I truly feel that they were correct!!!

The following day 20 Feb Monday:

8:30am The Navy Admiral first received a Private Session in his office!

9am  A 2nd Group of his Navy personnel received a DIKSHA COURSE!!!

I really enjoy attending to the Navy Men & Women as they are ALL ALSO DRESSED IN WHITE!!!  They have many women personnel as well!   The Army doesn’t have any!!! (I’ve seen only one!!)

(Sorry, cannot post photos as all photos taken in Naval Base are classified....!)

6pm The Cancun Mayor again with a Private Session in his office!

21 Feb Tuesday

9pm I gave Smarana Diksha on Television with Oscar Cadenas on his Evening Program “Cancunomonos”  LIVE!!!  For 7 minutes!  To OVER 2 MILLION VIEWERS!!  To read about this experience and see pictures, click here.

I was honored to provide the entire State of Quintana Roo, Mexico with a live transmission of Diksha Energy as I was invited by Oscar to share with his viewers an explanation of what Diksha is exactly and how I am traveling thru Mexico sharing this phenomenon with the Mexican people for over a year now.

Then I asked the public watching the program to close their eyes connect with their hearts and call in the Divine Presence. The TV Station received many phone calls after from people sharing their transforming experiences! I will share those in another story!

22 Feb Wednesday* *

7am First Group of 60 CFE Technicians:

Commission Federal Electric Company of Mexico (Mexico's Electric Company)

(Click here to read the story & view pictures!)

23 Feb Thursday

11am Diksha Course with Military Group of 90 Soldiers & Officers at Military Base

(Sorry, cannot post photos as all photos taken in Military Base are classified....!)

24 Feb Friday

8a.m. Mexico’s Flag Day Ceremony

Held at the Government Municipal Palace with Military & Political Presence and Police, Firemen, Red Cross and MANY schools also providing special shows with dancing & singing in honor of the festivities.  I gave Smarana Diksha to everyone present.

11am Navy Admiral Private Home Diksha Course!!!

With Admiral’s wife hosting a group of over 50 people & Navy Hospital Patients brought in by the Navy Doctor & Nurse  (Many saw Oscar’s TV Program on Tuesday and received such  beautiful states & wanted personal hands on HEALING!!)


25 Feb Saturday

8am Navy’s Private Ceremonial Breakfast at Naval Base

It’s customary here in Mexico for the Navy to reciprocate in exchange for the Military Day Breakfast the weekend before.  The Naval Base is located on an Island just off the coast from Cancun.  I accompanied the General as we were so caringly transported with his Officers and Soldiers by Navy Officials on an Official Navy Boat! Such a beautiful and Honorable Event! (It was fun)  Civilians never attend this event.


 Over 300 SMN 18 yr old Army Military Service Youths received their 1st Diksha Course  (The NEW 2006 group)

 Sorry, all photos taken at Naval and Military Bases are still classified.. I’m working on it though… Give me some more time…

 26 Feb Sunday


I accompanied the Firemen in one of their HUGE Fire Trucks assisting in The Annual Cancun Carnival Parade giving Smarana Diksha to ALL participating in the Parade and ALL of the public present for the festivities, watching and dancing along! It was A LOT of FUN!!!

27, 28 Feb Mon, Tues

Devoted to website posting, writing stories more then 18 hrs each day!!

1 Mar Wednesday

8am Private Diksha Course with all CFE Directors   (Commission Federal Electric Company of Mexico)  Lovely small intimate group held in a Directors office with reclining fluffy leather chairs.  Originally planned 2 hrs but lasted over 4hrs and no-one even noticed! All in BLISS!

Two Directors began with sharing their experiences explaining that they’d slept like babies after the 1st Diksha course and their entire teams did as well. One of them called my cell phone asking for help for his aunt suffering from a chronic unbearable migraine in the moment, so I offered her an immediate phone diksha & she slept like an angel for 15 hours afterwards and he shared that she hasn’t suffered from them since!! He had suffered from gastritis not being able to eat whatever he desired & since the first diksha group his stomach no longer bothers him at all & he now happily eats anything he wants!! He explained that he had been suffering with this problem for many years and never found a cure as he visited many different doctors in desperation.

He tried many medicines and various different diets and unfortunately never found anything that would help him.

After attending just 1 Diksha Course, his Gastritis completely healed and disappeared.
He also explained feeling a bit embarrassed that in the beginning of the course, his catholic upbringing was resisting in the back of his mind saying that this is contrary to what he believes but he just observed it as Alexis suggested that they consciously watch all thoughts that pass thru the mind during their process and he was able to allow everything to flow without identifying with his mind’s resistance! It was surely the most beautiful introduction into this morning’s group meeting with just the Company’s Directors.

2 Mar Thursday

1pm   A Diksha Course with 50 PFP Members (Military Police)

Recently transferred to the Military Base.  With a Special Healing Diksha after for those suffering from chronic pains.  Attended a Special Lunch after with a General & his Superior, a Division General!

3rd Mar Friday

8am Special Monthly Firemen Ceremony with ALL 120 Firemen present & Many Heads of Government also.  I gave Smarana Diksha to ALL present and then individual Diksha to many Fireman after.  Private Diksha Family Session to a Retired Navy Admiral & his Family of 6.  The daughter was to be married the following weekend and they wanted relief from the stress (friends of the Navy Admiral)

4th Mar Saturday, Noon

2nd Intensive Diksha Course for over 300 SMN 18 yr old Army Military Service Youths at Military Base.  Very beautiful energy as all being the same age, young men & women together was a lovely experience for all.  Many intense transformations happened and lots of tears of gratitude flowing. I will share their experiences in another story..

5th Mar Sunday, 1:30pm

1st Group of 300 Public Security Policemen and Women

We did Anandamandala Meditation standing outside behind the Police Headquarters Building as there was not a hall sufficient to hold all.  It was an interesting first for me to lead this technique in the standing position and I’m happy to report it was very successful.

The Policemen that stood outside the circles (not actively doing the meditation) were observing and chatting at times and by the end of the session ALL were in complete silence feeling deep peace and tranquility which ended in a big round of applause by all.   (I will have many different groups of 300 Policemen every Sunday until all of them receive the Grace!)

6th Mar Monday

Devoted to website posting, writing stories for more then 18 hrs today!!

7th Mar Tuesday Bhagavan's Birthday!!

Devoted to website posting, writing stories for more then 12 hrs today!!  Giving many Phone Dikshas as well as over the Internet to many.

2pm  Private Session in my home for Top CFE Official (Mexico's Electric Company)

2nd Long Distance phone Diksha also for his Mother suffering with intense pain .

9p.m. – Midnight

Late Evening Private Diksha Course with Secretary General and All Taxi Syndicate Union Directors and heads of Various Departments and their personnel.  Lovely group of very attentive, open sweet people.  All very grateful that I would accommodate their crazy schedule!

8th Mar Wednesday

Gave colonel & many soldiers’ private healing sessions today before traveling out of town 7 hrs with the General and his Officers in their Official Vehicle.  With plans to give a Diksha Course in an off site training camp.

9th Mar Thursday

Special jungle training Diksha Group Postponed as personnel were called out of base & dispersed into smaller groups (special training exercises)  A last minute unexpected spontaneous decision...

10th Mar Friday

Still Out of Town (we were stuck there an extra day as the army vehicle we came in, broke down and took ALL DAY to repair)  It felt like a vacation! What a lovely restful trip it turned out to be for me!!!  

11th Mar Saturday

Traveled back to Cancun 7 hrs!!

Gave one particular soldier a private healing session for his eye in the vehicle.  As a chainsaw accident left him with a huge scar & limited vision in his right eye. In his Diksha experience he was taken back in time to a serious trauma incident in his life. When he relived it this time, he was not identified at all with the drama of it finding himself in complete peace & tranquility. Very healing   It was so transforming for him that he could hardly speak after from his feeling of intense gratitude!  I am happy to report that I saw him weeks later & he told me that he now has better vision and feels so much better inside himself also!

12 Mar Sunday   1:30 pm

2nd Group of 300 Public Security Policemen and Women.


It was a LOVELY afternoon as I was also requested by the Chief of Transit Police to also provide his Police Officers (over 100 of them) in the Transit Department today with Diksha as well!!

MANY had ONLY HEARD about Diksha from their colleagues!  And others had already received Diksha over the last months and wanted MORE!!! ALL in today’s shift received Diksha and were extremely grateful!

13 Mar Monday

This week I completely focused on reaching ALL Television, Newspapers, and Radio Stations to tell ALL of Cancun about my availability next week so Bhagavan can help MILLIONS!!!!  Visited 4 different newspapers, Novedades, QueQui, La Verdad, & El Periodico today with great success!!  Each printed 2 separate articles this week explaining in detail about Diksha, Alexis and advising all of her upcoming events.  And La Verdad offered Alexis a FULL page in their Newspaper to write a weekly article sharing The Grace in whatever form she chooses so that she may maintain a presence in Cancun even when she is traveling extensively the rest of Mexico!

(1st written article printed on 30th March)

Alexis was interviewed on the #1 Cancun radio station, and also will appear on 3 MORE Television Programs during this week.  Alexis’s goal was to inform the people of Cancun of the upcoming Diksha Events available for the MASSES for 4 FULL DAYS:

On the 20th and 21st of March celebrating the Spring Equinox in the Famous Chitchen Itza Ruins located 2 hours from Cancun in the Yucatan.

And then the following 2 DAYS on the 22nd and 23rd of March in the Taxi Syndicate Headquarters Auditorium from 10am -10pm

14 Mar Tuesday 10am

Alexis was introduced to Mara Lezama by the Human Resources Director of Novedades Newspaper & Mara invited her to be on her TV show Escena tomorrow Wednesday at 5pm to share Diksha !!


A private Diksha Course with another Group of 22 Newly arriving PFP Military Police Members to the Military Base.  Nice intimate group.  Lots of private healing sessions after for hurting knees & backs.  Which I am happy to report by their admission in their written experiences 1 week later, they no longer suffer from their physical pains nor suffer from things that easily irritated them before as thanks to the Anandamandala technique they no longer have those charges.

15 Mar Wednesday


Alexis was invited by Angel Casas to be on his TV program ‘Aqui en Cancun’ transmitting LIVE discussing the phenomenon of Diksha and then also sharing with all his viewers Smarana Diksha.  To OVER 2 MILLION VIEWERS!!  Simply requesting the public watching the program to close their eyes, connect with their hearts and call in the Divine Presence. 


Alexis was invited by Mara Lezama to also explain about Diksha on her TV program Escena. Alexis also gave Mara Diksha live for ALL to witness the transformation in her! Then she gave Smarana Diksha  to all her viewers.


Special BIG Family Group of CFE Technicians, Directors, and employees from the CFE Commission Federal of Electricity (Mexico's Electric Company)  Along With Their Families (children and grandparents!)


16 Mar Thursday, 8am

Mara Lezama interviewed Alexis LIVE on her morning Radio News Program on Cancun’s #1 radio station explaining what exactly is Diksha and how this unique phenomenon reconnects us to ‘All That Is’ returning us to our Natural State which is Inner Peace & Joy. Again Alexis informed the people of Cancun and Quintana Roo of her availability of the upcoming 4 full days of Diksha Events.

1:30pm Owner of Cancun’s Que Qui Newspaper received a private Diksha session!!  He now wishes to organize ALL of his employees of Que Qui to receive a Private Diksha Course and also receive The Grace.

Que Qui also supported me 100% with 3 lovely newspaper articles. One explaining how Alexis is giving the Public Security Police Forces Diksha in groups of 300 at a time!!! Another explaining very beautifully their perception of Alexis and the gift she has to share with humanity. Also advising the public of Alexis’s presence in Chitchen Itza Ruins and the Taxi Syndicate Headquarters. And the 3rd article was written by a reporter that was sent by the Director of Que Qui to the Syndicate Headquarters for a direct experience of a Group Diksha Session. She wrote beautifully, describing in detail about the lecture as well as the Chakra Meditation.

They also advised people in the newspaper article that Alexis would be airing LIVE on Television invited by Angel Casas on his “Aqui en Cancun” TV Program midday and again later in the day LIVE on Mara Lezama’s Afternoon TV Program “Escena” at 5pm to Grace ALL watching both programs, with Diksha Energy!!

Click here to read more, including the articles.

17 Mar Friday

7am Private Diksha Course with 40 employees of Novedades, Cancun’s #1 Newspaper! It was a BIG Success with the entire group falling into deep states lasting more then 40 minutes. They needed to begin their workday at 9am but since they appeared to be in such BLISSFUL STATES I felt compassion for them and didn’t disturb them from their experiences and we ended up finishing instead after 10 am. Since the General Director was in such a deep state himself, not opening his eyes until 10am it wasn’t much of a problem!

I was told by a gal who attended the course that morning that 1 particular client arrived & was very upset with having to wait for the staff to finish their “special relaxation energy course” and commented, “What a waste of time! They should be doing their work instead of losing time in that!” And the gal told him that they were taking the course especially to help them learn how to cope / deal with people EXACTLY like him!

She actually didn’t verbalize it ‘exactly in that way’ BUT TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD SURE WANTED TOO!!

18 March Saturday  Noon – 2pm

Today was a Special Taping with Oscar Cadenas for his Special Sunday Television Program.

I traveled 1 hour south of Cancun to “The Mayan Palace Hotel” a Gorgeous Luxury Resort which is where Oscar’s program was being taped for Airing tomorrow Sunday to over 2 Million Viewers!!!    Oscar so generously supported Alexis in informing the people of Quintana Roo of her upcoming Diksha Events.   I also had the pleasure to meet Oscar’s parents & give them BOTH Diksha during the filming!

Oscar’s father was suffering for many years with INTENSE PAIN after surgery in both of his legs! After Diksha & 30 min in an intense state of healing trance he explained how he felt a current of energy run throughout his entire body, especially his LEGS!! Spontaneously he decided to take a stroll around the hotel grounds returning with a BIG SMILE explaining how before he always had to descend the stairs slowly and with both feet placed on each stair due to the intense pain and now after Diksha, he was able to freely walk down the stairs like a normal person and WITHOUT ANY PAIN!! Then Oscar’s Mother also had a similar experience falling into a deep healing BLISS for 30 minutes and upon opening her eyes, she had a HUGE SMILE like that of a young teenage girl! She explained how blissful & peaceful she felt as it had been quite some time since she could remember feeling so good inside of herself!!

I was so honored to provide Oscar’s parents with Diksha and Healing, returning the generous love and support full circle that their son provided to me and a large number of Mexican people by medium of his TV Program.

19 Mar Sun  10am

Oscar’s TV Program filmed yesterday aired today on Channel 13!


3rd Group of 300 Public Security Policemen and Women

It was a lovely day as MANY greeted me explaining that they enjoyed seeing Alexis on the Television, Listening to Alexis on the Radio and Reading articles also printed in ALL of the Newspapers THAT WEEK!! And they shared how they were so honored to have me devote so much of my personal time to THEIR well being! They were extremely grateful.

One of the Police Chiefs came today (on his day off arriving directly from the beach) bringing his wife & son especially to receive Diksha for his family! I gave them Diksha thru the window sitting in the car.  It was very sweet! Sorry I didn’t take a photo of that moment; it was precious!  I hope that you can picture it...

Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

In deep love and gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan.

Love & Light**




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