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Welcome to this sacred space.  Please feel free to pray, request healing and express your heart’s deepest longings. This room is blessed with the Divine as spontaneous healing and Oneness Experience happens.  Sending Love and Oneness Experiences to all beings. 


Moola Mantra

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavati Sametha
Sri Bhagavate Namaha


 It is said that chanting aloud or inwardly or just listening to the Moola Mantra can create:

  •  Flowering of the Heart

  •  Oneness with All That Is

  •   Freedom from Suffering

  •   Living in Joy

  •  Quieting of the Mind

  •  Greater Mystical Experiences

  •  Inner Peace & Tranquility

  •  Good Health

  •  Unconditional Love

  •  Elevated States of Consciousness

  •  Deepens your Connection to the Divine

  •  Heals Relationships

  •  Inner Freedom

  •  Bliss

  •  Awakens Truth

  •  Miracles

The Moola Mantra describes the totality of God in His different aspects.

Understanding and focusing on its meaning while chanting, significantly increases the mantra’s power. As it invokes the Divine Presence.

OM it is the primordial sound or the universal sound by which the whole universe vibrates.

SAT is the formless, all pervasive "Unmanifest" experienced as the emptiness of the universe.

CHIT is the infinite Supreme Spirit of the universe, or Pure Consciousness.

ANANDA is joy, Divine bliss, eternal happiness. A profound state of ecstasy that you can experience relating with your higher Consciousness.

PARABRAHMA is the Supreme Creator of the Universe that is with and without form.

PURUSHOTHAMA is the Avatar energy that incarnates to guide and assist mankind.

PARAMATHMA is the supreme inner energy present in every being.(The God Within, In-Dweller, Higher Self, Antaryamin, etc., that guides and helps us)

SRI BHAGAVATI is the female aspect of creation. (Mother Earth,Divine Mother)

SAMETHA means in communion with, or together.

SRI BHAGAVATE is the male aspect of creation which is unchangeable and permanent.

NAMAHA is salutation or prostration to the Universe.

 "Appreciation can transform your life.
Your daily willingness to put your Gratitude into words
and prayers is all that is necessary."


 Experiences of listening to the Moola Mantra

"I prayed for help to give me inner peace while listening to the music, and immediately felt tranquility inside. My mind could not believe the fast results! Thank you Divine Presence!"

"My entire family listens to the Moola Mantra.  It has a tremendous effect especially in calming down the children! We live more peacefully now."

"I really enjoy listening to the moola mantra at work.  It quiets the chatter of my mind creating more clarity enabling me to do my work effortlessly."

"I continue to hear the chanting even after the music ends. Amazing!"

"I sleep more deeply and experience much more energy upon awakening! What a gift!  My energy level has improved tremendously now enabling me to accomplish so much more in my life." 

"The mantra has a powerful, calming effect on me."

"Thanks so much for leading me to this Divine gift of a CD from the link you so graciously provided on your website.  Now my day starts so beautifully as I listen to this wonderful mantra in my car on my drive to work."

Meditating and Praising the Divine with the following also has great positive effects:

Praise the Divine! Appreciate and Let Gratitude Make Your Heart Sing

As a person’s chakras are energized and activated, the Kundalini starts to rise (Kundalini Aro-ha-nam or Kundalini Rising) and then, after piercing the Sahasrara (Thousand Petal Lotus, or Crown Chakra on top of head), Kundalini starts its downward journey (Kundalini Avarohanam) bringing in the oneness experiences of the heaven!

Kundalini Arohanam is the rise of Shakti (Nature of potential power is feminine) from within from the Root (first) Chakra; Mother’s (Devi’s) shakti is given to every person inherently and rising Kundalini signifies the increasing potential of that person.

As Kundalini works through and pierces the 7th Chakra (Crown, or top of head), it will join the Cosmic powers (Shiva Shakti) and starts and the energies acquire a flow and becomes Kinetic Energy – converting potential that we have developed thus far, with collective energies of the network of souls – to a flow – for our personal benefit, and also the multitude of people around us. Kundalini shakti is made of a feminine (Shakti) and a masculine (Shiva) energy.

You may have seen some who adopt the Bhakti Yoga (Yoga means “Union”, achieved through the means of love and devotion) such as Saktiji. Asking receivers to say “Shakti” when drawing in your breath (inhale with the nurturing and oxygenating “Shakti!”) and “Shiva” when exhaling (breathe out). The female version is the Devi Shakti that provides you the means to work your Kundalini to rise, cleanse you as it rises, providing you the necessary means to nurture you as you draw in air with appreciation!

Saying “Shiva” while you exhale and breathe out gratefully thus surrendering all of your impurities for purification, and your inner potential to the Divine for the greatest good! Do this at least thrice when you begin Oneness or meditations.

Kundalini energies of Appreciation (Feminine energy, attracts, and draws in creating an inward flow, or inhaling), and Gratitude (Masculine energy will make it flow outwards) make the two sides of the Holy Grail in which God's Grace can be held or savored! “Appreciate” your opportunities of Satsangs (good, spiritual gatherings) or Holy Communion, and let “Gratitude” make your heart sing in your prayers! Praising the Divine is thus at the core or “heart” of many religions and spiritual practices to usher in the transformational energies to work with a person!

The Union of Appreciation and Gratitude is the true marriage that produces true love!

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love!

On the flip side, there is "distrust", and “fear", which make up the "Cup of Misery".

 You block healing and positive energies from coming in if you "distrust" which blocks the flow of love inwards; and "fear" distances you from what you desire!


 Dhyana Mantra

Dhyana Mantra (Moola Mantra) CD

 This is a CD of the deeply Meditative Moola Mantra by Anandagiri which so powerfully connects you to the Divine. You are now hearing a portion of it playing in thisr Sacred Space.

 If you wish to have a full copy of your own, you can easily and conveniently order it online.

There offer slightly different versions on each side, with side 2 being the one you hear in our Sacred Space.

For more information and to order it click here

Moolamantra Vol. 2

Moolamantra Vol. 2 ~Gayathri

This is the upbeat joyful version CD of the same Powerful Moola Mantra Music by Gayathri which so powerfully connects you to the Divine.

You've heard a portion of it playing on our Home Page.

For more information and to order it click here



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