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Crowd of 14000 Receiving Diksha

September 19, 2005....The newest photos from Alexis.

Giving Diksha to the Mexican crowd of more then 14,000 on this special Mexican Day of Independence! El Grito!

The balcony terrace where I am giving Diksha to the crowd below of 14,000 from where only the Mayor, Generals, and important politicians & their families have access to during this special event on Mexican Independence Day! El GRITO!

The Mayor who is supporting me in Giving this incredible energy to all of Cancun!

* * *

Giving Red Cross members Diksha at the Mexican Independance Day Festival

* * *
FIP Special Forces Police in Cancun Receiving Diksha

These are the forces that deal with the serious crimes like kidnapping, hostages, assault situations etc... 6 of them would retrieve me at my hotel each morning at 6am to coincide with their shift change (dressed ninja style with their 9mm attached to their legs) and it was fun to watch the reaction of the hotel staff not understanding what I could of possibly done wrong or right to deserve such attention!