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For Alexis traveling is a way of life as she has enjoyed working in over 120 different countries; also residing in many of them. For the last 22 years Alexis maintains a residence in Barcelona, Spain but focused on working the entire Republic of Mexico from 2005-2015. In 2008 she visited 28 different countries in 5 months (India, Asia, Europe, Africa) and returned again to India & Asia in 2013 for 5 months. She feels that the Divine is now guiding her to focus mainly on Africa. She has spent a lot of time on the African continent in the last 20 years and the most recent visit was working in 11 countries across Central Africa from November 2016-July 2017..

Alexis is dedicated to sharing her priorities in life which are: transparency in all areas, forgiveness and total healing of one’s relationships/beginning with the parents and honesty and acceptance of oneself exactly as one is / not as one wishes to be. When one has clarity in these areas; all flows harmoniously.

Alexis’s purpose is to be available in service to every human being that desires or needs assistance in personal growth and transformation. She is focusing on helping people to find inner clarity, peace and experience Oneness with all that is. She enjoys guiding people to that joyful and unlimited state that flows abundantly inside one’s heart when the resistance to suffering ceases. That feeling heals relationships—especially with oneself, bringing oneness back to the planet as a whole. She accomplishes this by allowing the Divine to guide her every moment and flows in trust and surrender with that guidance.

She is traveling the world focusing on established groups of men & women in uniform on all levels with Federal, State, Municipal & Immigration Police, Forensics, CIA and FBI, Airport Customs, Immigration Officials, and ALL Airport Employees.

After receiving the Oneness experience they will then naturally transmit this positive energy affecting the state of many others that they come into contact with by their chosen role of uniform. This also benefits many delinquent youths and criminals as they receive ‘The Grace’ when Alexis visits prisons by first giving courses to the Prison Guards and then later offering the same to the entire inmate population..

Alexis also focuses on the Political realm with Leaders, Presidents, Ambassadors, Governors, Mayors, Embassy and Government Officials, as well as all Government Employees and their families which also include the departments of abused women and abused/abandoned children. Alexis also devotes much time to the Military with Army and Air Force Generals, Navy Admirals, Colonels, Officials, Pilots, Marines and Soldiers as well as their entire families. Alexis is happy to report much success in many areas like helping the overworked staff of Mexico’s Federal Commission of Electricity after Hurricane Wilma devastated Cancun as well as the Tourism Industry including Hotel Directors & their entire Staff as well as the Transportation Industry; with over 15,000 Taxi Drivers in Cancun …

Alexis’s diverse talents have enabled her to help the Red Cross, hospitals, schools, AIDS patients, drug addicts, youth groups, the elderly, handicapped and organizations that help those who are unable to help themselves. Alexis really enjoys Public large event opportunities every chance she gets with experiencing crowds of over 300,000 in Mexico City receiving Intention Oneness Blessing & smaller groups of 14,000 in Cancun and 3000 in Palenque!! She also has the honor of sharing the Oneness experience with millions of viewers in their homes by appearing regularly on 20 different Mexican television programs.

She writes a weekly full page newspaper article that is published in color with photos in the cities of Cancun and Oaxaca, Mexico. The public requested that she continue to maintain a presence in their cities when she is unable to physically be present, so she happily continues sharing the Grace thru written words using the newspaper and her website as tools.

Alexis is committed to help the SHIFT in Consciousness on all levels as she quickly learned that the time and energy spent creating interest to gather ‘spiritually minded’ groups, was not worth the time and effort needed and realized that it was much wiser to go directly to where groups are already formed, presenting herself to them openly & honestly allowing and trusting Grace to do its work easily & effortlessly.

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