Play Oneness Blessing

Water is a great gift and necessary element to us. We must take time to honor it and praise it for giving us life. Earth is the water planet. We must treat water with respect and love as the sacred gift that it truly is.

The moon is the force that directs our ebb and flow creating the tides here on our planet. During this lunar cycle we have the opportunity to praise this delicious gift.

You are on the banks of this river. The water is gushing with great force. It is moving swiftly. You find it inviting. You cannot help yourself and you let go of the shore without fear and leap in. The water washes over you as you are swept away. Be in the river.

The river is a thought form. It is a creation of our minds. Each drop of water belongs to an individual. Each drop of water represents one person’s beliefs. No drop of water makes the same journey twice. No two drops of water will stay next to one another.

Just like the futility of fighting in quicksand, so it is with this great current. If you doubt yourself, you will feel the power of its riptides. If you oppose it, you will be sucked under and want for air. Relax.

Choose to banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

Realize that you chose to jump in. By surging forward, you are truly going with the flow. Rather then feeling swept by the current, ride it. Body-surf your way through this cycle.

When we can let go into the river, totally trusting, we are in the ceremony of celebration and belief. If we fight the stream, our spiritual journey comes to a halt.

It is hard to do this with the ominous media bombardment we experience on a daily basis. The recent movie release on global warming and the horrid fighting in the Middle East creates a build up of intensity which drives us all to overwhelm.

It is a challenge for us to remain positive and cheerful and to stay afloat.

We must begin to respond to this in our daily lives, if only for the greater.

No longer can we remain isolated in society. The river represents our connection. Look around and see who is there with you.

It is an opportunity to be in synch with your personal relationships.

Some of us have put our bigger plans on the back burner. The enthusiasm you feel during this new cycle is the spoon with which you may stir your ideas. Reach for your’s picture’s plans and move them to the forefront. Your exuberance will pay off and you can infectiously attract what you want.

We can all make a difference in what is going on here on Planet Earth. There are many people gathering at sacred water sites on this New Moon to honor the beautiful and necessary liquid. We must all take some time this month to pay homage to the sweet waters of life.

Take a moment and visit Dr. Masaru Emoto’s, “Hado” site about the messages in Water, where he demonstrates the amazing effects of thought and word vibrations on water:

Here is a water crystal photographed by Dr. Emoto that was sent the thought, “Love” by five hundred people: He has found that by saying a positive word like love, peace and thanks over water it creates an amazing crystal. When negative thoughts are used, the result is ugly chaos. Here is a crystallization of the thought, “You make me sick”:
There is a big difference!

We humans are made up primarily of water. Therefore, negative vibrations have the same effect on our bodies. Dr. Emoto has found that positive thought vibration, results in powerful and amazing crystallization. Take time on this New Moon to project Love and Thanks to your self, to one another and to all bodies of water. Utilize the power of intention to create a brighter future for our planet and generations to come. Thank Mother Earth for her great gifts to us. And say, “Love” to a glass of liquid before you drink it!